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opening january 5 | 6-9p

through january 12

136 ave c., ny, ny

Tikka Masala

Meryl Feigenberg

Courtney Alexander

Naomi Elena Ramirez

Dana Nechmad

M (this year in solidarity)

A collaborative exhibition of queer and feminist artists, in its second iteration, working in a variety of mediums whose work interacts with the political, social, and cultural conditions of gender, sexuality, economics, and politics and exploring ideas of bodies, time, emotional labor, place, and the interplay between identity and medium. This project aims to think about what it means to be an individual, in a collective, and find a safe space to process the political trauma that is wreaking havoc on intersectional bodies. This means women, queers, immigrants, people of color, folks with different ability statuses, among other factors under current political, economic, and cultural conditions. The artists employ different tools including sculpture, spatial intervention, illustration, video, audio, text, performance, and social media to explore such ideas and how it relates to them.

In this the second iteration of Our Elements, we explore the oppression and emancipation of our bodies and perceptions, the gift of sight afforded by being an other, love and connection, loss and moving on.

Our Elements 2019 is possible through the generous support of the Lower East Side Girls Club