Selections by Larry Ossei-Mensah at Elizabeth Dee Closes Tomorrow

As evidenced in their launch of a new initiative entitled Selections, Elizabeth Dee is wired and live in Harlem. Curated by the puissant Larry Ossei-Mensah, this first installment of the series perfectly examples the aims of the program. Selections Curated by Larry Ossei-Mensah Closes Saturday, Feb 25

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AOT Project Citizen Journalist: Women's March Video Interviews with V. Nevinny

V. Nevinny— Friday, NYC 3:00pm  Film Producer V. Nevinny traveled from LA to DC for the protests, to interview women on their thoughts on why they persist!

All weekend beginning today a group of AOT Citizen Journalists will take over the journal with Live Updates from various Inauguration protests and Women’s Marches from NYC to DC, Boston, and Charleston! From major to minor cities, every voice must be heard.

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