Theo Coulombe’s STANDARD SPACE Inaugural Opening

From Brooklyn One Night Only, and onto Sharon, Connecticut, Theo Coulombe announces his new studio and gallery Standard Space.


Since his show at AOT Project Salon, you’ve probably noticed Theo’s love for architecture and landscape shining through on his Instagram stream.

I remember when he first began sharing these images with close friends if you recall at his AOT show Water Down the Drain he showed for the first time lightbox images from the 90s that many of his contemporaries, associates, and fast friends had never seen before.

When he began to share more of this particular visual passion, I could hear resound in his voice that capturing not just line and textures but also the mood of structures and the pureness of the scenic, that these would be the new subject for his public interaction. New to us but not for him, he activated this space of vulnerability revealing a decision making phase in his creative process. And if you think about it, how vulnerable is the sea and the sky, the flora and fauna in this our technologically advanced era? How simple the barn house with its intricate joists and red cedar siding holding strong without the use of high technology. But still they are fading, perhaps mere replicas come, but their materials are not made to last. His images stand out like great photography should, giving a renewed sense of meaning to otherwise exploited subject. They are full spectrum representation, not clever; fulfilling beyond visual composition they tell a story without words, they are a still of a moment but through them, you can imagine (based on fact) their Now, yesterday and a myriad of potential tomorrows.

Standard Space

147 Main St.

Sharon, Connecticut

September 2nd and 16th