AOT Project Citizen Journalist: Live Updates from Women’s March and Inauguration Protests

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All weekend beginning today a group of AOT Citizen Journalists will take over the journal with Live Updates from various Inauguration protests and Women’s Marches from NYC to DC, Boston, and Charleston! From major to minor cities, every voice must be heard.

Women and minorities, immigrants and refugees and people with disabilities, so many of us have a grounded and real fear of what a Trump regime means for America and the world. Let us be stronger together through these sure to be challenging times.


Nicole Treska, Writer—Saturday, Women’s March Washington DC


Magdalena Mixon, Producer—Saturday, Women’s March Washington DC 4:15pm

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Michele Spencer—Saturday, Women’s March Washington DC 4:00pm


Nicole Treska, Writer—Saturday, Women’s March Washington DC 3:30pm

Images from around the mall


Emily Weiskopf, Painter and Sculptor—Saturday, Sister March Boston Commons 1:50pm

We unite, we stand, we are equal, we deserve our own rights, we are America!

V. Nevinny, LA Based Film Producer—Saturday, Women’s March D.C. 12:30pm


Teri Norris, Artist—Saturday, Charleston 12:00pm

Across the country and the world “Sister Marches” are happening in solidarity!