George Negroponte at Anita Rogers

George Negroponte: Gravel Road

Anita Rogers Gallery

George is obviously a venerable artist. My early impressions of his latest (re)+work are very positive. Keeping all of this in mind, Iā€™m certain my reflections are influenced by the number of pieces shown, the symmetry of how the pieces are hung, and the architectural qualities and layout of the gallery, and of course the pieces themselves having a constructed efficacious quality; all giving a sense of a utilitarian longing. That is to say, many of the pieces seem to replicate die-cast mechanical objects and at the same time undeniably evanescent cardboard.

This is accomplished by the shapes of the parts and of the objects as a whole, as well as color choices. So rather than the antecedent of things, I see an assembling of finished objects when viewing the entirety of the body of work.

There are a few pieces (I believe two were hanging on either side of the fireplace mantel), that I felt were of a different motif, that allayed the efficaciousness of the majority of his works; something of an embellished non-functional feel. Those were not my favorites. However, I feel that the strengths of the other works outweighed this conflict.